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Natural Health Care Company

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Individualized and sustainable plant-based transition solutions tailored to your needs.

The Natural Health Care Company offers plant-based transition solutions for the busy family that help you take care of your health.

  • We offer Plant-Based Consultation through live cooking sessions, detoxes, recipes, smoothies, and meal plans.
  • Our Smoothie Programs offers delivery to individuals, families, and businesses starting at $6.50/smoothie.
  • Meet us at our new Plentifuli food service and soon to be Cafe and Food Truck to jump start your wellness journey!

Customer Testimonials

"I was very ill, and unable to keep very much food down on my stomach. It was also a challenge to keep supplements in my system in order to boost my immunity. I had a KMG smoothie with the perfect amount of ginger and immune boosting nutrients, and I not only felt 35% better, but I was able to keep down some solid food afterwards! Will definitely be ordering again!"


Janai Marshall | CEO

"I have decided to use the 3-day detox because I needed something to help jumpstart my journey on getting my life together as far as my weight was concerned. While doing my detox I was able to pay attention to what I was eating before and afterward. Doing my detox I also drank a lot of alkaline water which cause me to run to the restroom. Overall I felt good and would do it again."


Katreia Edmond | Entrepreneur

"I'm not a Morning person and sometimes it's hard for me to eat breakfast so early. These smoothies have helped fill me up in the mornings, long enough to last me until I am ready to eat. I've been able to easily digest and it helps to keep my bowels regular."

Customer Testimonial

Tiffany Fleet | Educator

"The immune boosting tea makes you feel protected as you drink it. I have not caught a cold as the weather transitioned from warm to cool. I am accustomed to getting sick from years of experience, during the season change from summer to fall. Consuming 'Tea Up' periodically must be helping my immune system."

Customer Testimonial

Marcus Womack | Educator

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Get clarity and balance with a plant-based transition plan.

Align your diet, lifestyle, and mindset to get the results you want in just 30 days.  You've got a busy life, so we give you all the information and opportunity you need to delicately transition to a plant-based diet without going cold turkey.  We'll show you which healthy steps to take, how to take them, and when to take them so you can achieve a better balance of health.

3-Day Deprox - the easy way to start your plant-based transition.

Jumpstart your journey with 3-Day Deprox, a fast and easy way to rid your body of processed foods by drinking two to three nutrient-packed smoothies a day for three days.  The 3-Day Deprox is a great way to jumpstart your path to plant-based eating and living!  See what our customers are saying.


"I participated in the 3 day Deprox program to help RESET my body and curb my appetite and sugar cravings. This program helped me to jumpstart my health journey by allowing my body to "rest" from unhealthy, processed food items. As a result, it helped me prepare my body and mind to begin putting back whole foods and not settle for convenient, unhealthy options."

Akira Hazer | CEO

Your Health, Your Life.

We offer a variety of services designed to help our clients achieve a natural transition from a diet high in overly processed, antibiotic ridden, and environmental toxin-filled animal-based foods to a health-conscious, clean, plant-based diet.


How it Works




Customized paths to fit your budget.



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Get involved and share your story, challenges and goals.




"(of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously; prosper; flourish."

We're determined to help you not just survive, but to  thrive!